Hoala School

A Private School for Kindergarten Through 12th Grade in Hawaii

Ho`ala students are engaging, self-motivated, effective individuals who learn to truly take charge of their lives! As citizens of an increasingly global world, Ho`ala students learn to accommodate a wide variety of opinions and needs while making their own voices heard. Ho`ala parents know they are the most powerful influence in their children's lives! They know that their children will learn to become cooperative, effective, responsible individuals when the adults in their lives earnestly commit themselves to being cooperative, effective, responsible individuals.

Services Utilized:

  •     Web Strategy
  •     Graphic Design
  •     Logo Design
  •     User Interface Design
  •     Interactive Design
  •     Information Architecture
  •     Drupal 7.x CMS Development
  •     Drupal Programming & Integration
  •     jQuery Technology
  •     jQuery Photo Gallery
  •     School Calendar
  •     JavaScript and CSS optimization
  •     Web Forms
  •     Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  •     Blog Integration
  •     Social Media Integration
  •     Project Management
  •     CMS Training
  •     Webmail
  •     Web Hosting   
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