Homemade Dog Food

Homemade dog food for puppies and adult dogs

Health is a most precious possession, both for ourselves and the animals (i.e., our pets) for whom we are responsible. Nutrition, exercise, a healthy environment, and above all, knowledge are the crucial factors in maintaining good health and longevity for our pets. Our philosophy is firmly based in the belief that nature provides us with optimal ingredients for maintaining perfect health and vitality, and it is also our opinion that we owe it to our canine companions to provide the best possible opportunity to remain healthy and vital.

In business since 2002, Know Better Pet Food is a family operated business located on the southwest coast of British Columbia, Canada. Our homemade dog food products are made with care and distributed through out Canada and internationally from our own facility, and it is also made and distributed in the USA through our licenced distributors.

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Healthy homemade dog food - raw and cooked