TMall - China's number 1 online sales platform

eCommerce in China

Taobao/Tmall (淘宝) is known as the largest B2C (business-to-consumer) ecommerce in China owned by Alibaba dominates the highest market share by offering large variety of products. currently features more than 70,000 international and Chinese brands from more than 50,000 merchants and serves more than 180 million buyers. ranked number one among all Chinese B2C retail websites for 2010 in terms of transaction volume, with a gross merchandise volume of RMB30 billion – about three times the amount facilitated by 360buy, its closest competitor. The site accounts for a 47.6% share of the B2C online retail market in China, followed by 16.2% of 360buy and 4.8% of Joyo Amazon.

How to integrate and connect your own brand or eCommerce website to Tmall/Taobao in China ?

TMall (天猫) is Taobao’s shopping platform that caters to bigger chain stores and brands. Foreigners can register to trade on TMall by first registering a Chinese company, and then using that company to open a TMall store.

China eCommerce giant Toabao now facilitate it’s merchant to connect their store with Tmall open platform using by owning OMS – NetSDL certification. some specific tem & condition. Merchants must follow the rules in order to continue their operation with Taobao.

  •     Customer required having one enterprise version Alipay account.
  •     Customer required to have one Tmall shop or Taobao shop
  •     Customer can only access their own Tmall or Taobao data.
  •     Customer required to be a member of “Ju shi ta” – 聚石塔(to use Aliyun as the hosting)

Taobao deals with all kinds of information including: products, shipping rates, taxes, inventory, orders, customers, etc. Many ecommerce sites handle large sets of data – often thousands of products – and it needs to be moved so quickly – orders must be passed on immediately for shipping.

API application allows developers to interact with system database and create different apps that can be consumable by merchants. This is also used by developers to typically integrate with ERP and POS systems. These applications talk to database using component service layer. It also encapsulates business logic.

How to integrate & build app to your store?

  •     Applicant need to verify their email and mobile
  •     Fill in the correct identity
  •     Only Tmall stores and Taobao store can apply
  •     If the application is refused, the store need to further complete their information
  •     Audit to check if the store has the development capability and be in accordance to become standard applicant.
  •     If all requirements are matched then the website will go online.


1.  Apply to become a developer
Applicant need to choose Taobao open platform (

2.The application Alipay account must go through the real-name certification. You can use the savings card online payment directly on the real-name authentication method of election certification.Open a new page and make registration
3. Examine and verify
Your application will be audited and verified within 7 days.  Please be careful to fill in the registration form, otherwise your application may be refused.

4. Create an application
Once your application is approved, you can go to Taobao developer’s center to create your application.  Fill in the form with correct information.  Make sure to select the app tag as “seller-business back system” and create an app.

5.Test the app.
After the app is successfully created, it will go through some formal tests.

6.Launch online
Scan the app and then launch it online.

Tmall International(天猫国际)
Which aims to recruit branded retailers and vendors outside China to let them sell goods directly to Chinese online shoppers.

Key facts about Tmall International

  • Currently there are only 4 categories listed on Tmall International: Mom & Baby products, Nutrition, Supplements & Snacks, Personal Care & Beauty, Apparel, Shoes & Bags.
  • There are more than 140 merchants from countries outside China including the U.S., U.K., Australia, New Zealand as well as Japan and South Korea that joined Tmall Internatinal so far. These businesses include B2C retailers such as Bonjour, Strawberrynet as well as brands like Anna Sui and NYR.
  • Fee structure: Merchants who want to join the platform have to pay a security deposit of $25,000 and a flat annual fee of $5,000 or $10,000 based on the category of their products. TMall International will also collect a technology service fee of 5% or 6% per transaction depending on the product category.